Busy Weekend…

Friday night we headed to Rhode Island for a surprise 25th anniversary party for Jim and Paula totally planned by their 4 children. We knew a few people, other than family, but not many. I applaud the kids for taking on the big job of planning the party.

Happy 25th Jim and Paula!

Saturday John got up early and rode his bike to his parents house in Connecticut for a visit and then came back around noon. That was about 40 miles round trip. I left around 10 AM to go get the food and etc. for the party. Ryan and Fud were at football practice and Terry was at a baby shower. Pippin and Tucker had a LAB party while we were gone. Hilary and Andrew arrived from Quincy, MA around 11:30. When I got back at 12:30 they were happy to help unload since I had brought New York System Weiner and a gallon of FRESH MADE A & W ROOT BEER! Woo Hoo!! John fell asleep after lunch, Hilary did some reading and then she and Andrew took a walk. I got the food ready and when Terry came home she made a big salad for us…and I do mean us…John, Fud, Terry and I like salad…the rest of his family are NOT big salad eaters. Everyone had arrived by 5:30ish and we had a BIG meal of Southern pulled pork BBQ, pizza strips (a Rhode Island specialty that Hilary loves), dip and chips, layered Mexican dip and chips, salad and Jack brought some of his beans left from the party the night before…Terry and I don’t like them, but the boys grew up on them…THEN there was the cake…

On Thursday I had called the bakery and ordered a “50th Birthday cake”, no real description of what I wanted. When I went to pick it up the lady said she thought it was the best cake she had ever seen…tell me what YOU think…

Hilary thought the Grim Reaper was the best part. Click on the link below to be taken to the rest of the photos from the party. Then set it to slideshow and enjoy.

We went to church Sunday and then headed home. Pippin had a great time running free with Tucker and I spoiled him and took him to the river for a swim after we got home.

The WORST news of the weekend came when I got home…my school was broken into!!! All staff has to be there early for a meeting. I hope there was not too much damage, but no matter how much there is it is sickening to think someone would break into a school…have a great week and enjoy the photos.

John’s 50th Birthday Party with Family

One thought on “Busy Weekend…

  1. Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... says:

    ugh, i am so sorry to hear about your school 😦 that is so wrong! it is rough, but i will be praying for those affected by this (and those responsible, they clearly NEED prayer)…
    I LOVE the name of your blog :D, ty so much for your comment on mine, it truly IS wonderful to see so many other Christian women professing their faith!!!
    another wonderful Christian woman blog is Barb Miles 😉 (if you don’t know her already, her blog is http://lalalime.blogspot.com) she ALWAYS inspires me to be the best Christian wife/woman/mother i can be!

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