Birthday Bash!

Yesterday John turned 50! I knew this would be a hard birthday for him – not because he was turning 50, but because none of the girls would be here. The church had a cake and gift for him, plus they told him to take next Sunday off! Nice! After church I told him we were going out to eat and I’d tell him where to go. I also asked that he pack at least some shoes that he didn’t mind getting wet or dirty. When we got to the restaurant I told him we would be waiting for some friends. He assumed our friends in Dover; however, I had something BETTER in store…About 10 minutes later our dearest friends, Mark and Denise, arrived with 5 of their 7 children. We LOVE these kids!!! What a great time we had – caused a bit of noise in the restaurant with our constant laughter…but who cares! Mark and the boys had gotten John some fishing things and after lunch we headed to Maranatha Ministries where the guys went fishing and Denise and I visited and watched the kids play. It was a great afternoon even though it got quite cool towards evening. I am SO glad John enjoyed himself and that we both have such good friends – no, they are more than friends…they are FAMILY! Below is the phone video I made of a message Mark sent to our three girls. Sorry it is pixelated, but it did come from a cellphone…

You can view the photos here. Click slideshow once there and the photos will get bigger. Thanks Mark/Denise for the ones you sent.

John’s 50th Birthday Party with the Cedras Gang

This weekend we are going to see John’s family in RI/CT and will have a family bash on Saturday. Hilary will be able to join us…hooray!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Bash!

  1. Kann says:

    Tell John Happy belated birthday!

  2. ConnyB says:

    Happy belated birthday to John!
    Sounds like you all really enjoyed this day – the photos look wonderful 🙂

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