Busy Days…

John and I had a great supper with our friends Steve and Pam S. last night. Considering we both feel so disconnected with people here, it is wonderful to meet with them as often as possible…shooting for once a month, but we’ll have to see how schedules go come September. This afternoon we went to Portland to meet a friend of Kate’s from northern Maine and to get a few of the things she needs for college…DDay is coming soon. Katie and Dan made 3 cakes (well, mostly Katie) for 3 friends with BDays this week. One was a guitar and another a drum set; the third was just initials. They were so cute decorating them. Hilary returned safely from her trip to NY to see Andrew. Next week isn’t too busy, so I hope to get rid of some more junk in the house. Friends are using our yard for a yard sale on Saturday and I hope to get some of the big items out of our house and out there too. Below is a LO I did a few days ago of John and Hilary moving brush. Enjoy!

Credits: AmelieScraps Beautiful Days Kit and template scraprallye


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