Colleges, financial aid and family…

Well, I have spent many hours today trying to finish Hilary’s financial aid for college. It was due a month ago and I had MOST of it done, but have been waiting on one piece of information from the college before I would complete it and apply for her loan. After weekly phone calls I started with daily phone calls. Today I was calling and leaving messages at several places and finally got the information I needed from an entirely different department. In any case, the financial worksheet is now done and will go in the mail Monday. As soon as I finish here I have to apply for her alternative loan…I do NOT remember college finances being SO time consuming when I was in college. Of course, it didn’t cost as much 30+ years ago either. I am glad to help the girls with all the financial paperwork, but with TWO to do this year it has taken more time than I thought it would…I got 2 more LOs done late last night. Mom and Toby are trying to come to terms with each other. He knows he has it good with her, but he still doesn’t have the “come” command as part of his lifestyle. I liked all the photos of the family, so tried to incorporate them into one LO. My favorites are me, John and the girls and the second one of me and Melodie. Have a great weekend!

Credits: Quickpage from Anita at Nana’s Attic

Credits: Sweet Attitude Kit from Nana’s Attic

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