Dagnab Bear!!!

I have two great birdfeeders from Yankee Droll and I enjoy watching all the birds. We have never had problems with bears before, but evidently Saturday night one decided to make one of my birdfeeders and a suet feeder a snack. He left all parts except the cylinder for the Droll feeder. I took the pieces to Ed at Chick A Dee Station this morning and he is going to put it back together…hooray for Yankee Droll and authorized repair shops.

In other news, it is 40 degrees cooler today than when we returned Friday! The high Friday was 95 and today it ranged from 55-62 degrees…back to heat and humidity tomorrow. John, Hilary and I took the kayaks to Lake Winnipesaukee yesterday…little did I know we were sharing the lake with the President of France. With all the talk on the news about his temper with the photographers yesterday, I’m glad we didn’t run into him. Katie and John Petruzelli have released their first solo cd track – well released it to family anyway. They call themselves Gallazelli and the song is “Better Together”. I’m trying to find a place to upload it to add to the blog…it is SO good! Oh yeah, I almost forgot while on vacation I got an email from someone asking me to become part of their Creative Team for the digiscrapping store they have! WOW! I was flattered, but declined – I need to get my scrapping caught up before I take on anything else – it was a honor though to be asked.

I haven’t had time to do any scrapping since I got home, but did manage to get a desktop calendar put together and my August wall calendar (below). The photo below is me, my sister (Melodie) and my girls.

Credits: Rachel Knight from an EZine 11/06


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