I got a phone call about 6 PM yesterday that Stuart was sitting on the front porch when Chelsi went to check on the other cat. Hooray and thank God for answered prayer. She said he seemed fine, but VERY hungry. I’m sure it was an adventure for this declawed indoor only cat to be outside in the “jungle” for 2-1/2 days! Anway, Hilary was thrilled to know her “baby” was fine and home.

Katie and Lindsey left today for Charlotte. Katie will fly home tomorrow and be back to work on Wednesday. I realized I won’t see Lindsey for 5 months…that was hard. I am SO grateful she has good friends and a great church where she has made connections…I know she is not alone and school will begin again in a month. Speaking of which, in a month John and I will be empty-nest (sort of – they’ll be home for holidays). Kate will be at Eastern University in PA and Hilary will be back at Eastern Nazarene in MA! WOW! They are ready…the question is…are we? Finally on and off sun today – hooray! Have a great day!


One thought on “He’s BAAACK!

  1. betseyh says:

    Isn’t that a wonderful feeling when your kitty comes home? And to know all our prayers have been answered (and I believe in asking for help for “little” things)is such a fulfilling thing. TG


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