Mental…Pause and Foofaraw…Puff Daddy…

Well, I finally understand why I sometimes repeat myself or forget what I went into another room to do …a wonderful article told me it was part of menopause…SOOO I have renamed this side effect MENTAL-PAUSE, because that is what seems to happen to me.

On another note, I am getting used to using my mac and PSE 4…I used two of my friend, ConnyB’s, templates and things from Anita’s Foofaraw kit for Katie’s graduation layouts. FOOFARAW means excessive ornamentation; although I tried not to do that I thought the kit was cute and loved the name. We played Apples to Apples last night with my Mom and sister. I wish I’d had a video camera going when my Mom was the judge and while reading cards said, “What’s a Puff Daddy?” We all were cracking up laughing…We have had rain for 3 days, but John managed to get in a 40 mile bike ride today…whew! Maybe we’ll have some sun tomorrow.

Credits: Templates by ConnyB and Foofaraw Kit by Anita at Nana’s Attic


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