I have been re-reading some of the notes I took while reading In A Pit With a Lion on A Snowy Day. Today’s quote says,” Do not acquire possessions; acquire experiences.” I really like that. While I am “home” and especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains I realize how valuable those experiences are. Driving to or by a location in Boone will remind me of my Dad and things he did with me and with the girls when he was alive. Listening to the teenagers laughing and having fun at camp this week reminds me of all the wonderful years I experienced here as a camper and counselor. My sister will remind me of silly things I used to do and sounds I used to make while we were driving around the curves in the mountains. My girls have grown up at our mountain retreat and there are traditions and places we always go. It will be nice to have all three of them here for 2-3 days later this week. I love the mountains…not just any mountains though, the Blue Ridge and in particular a piece of land on top of the hill between Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain on very windy highway 221. It’s a place where you begin to relax as soon as you walk through the door. Memories are made and family ties are strengthened…it is a place of peace and relaxation and I thank God for it. Today my Mom transferred this property to me and my sister. Yes, it was just signatures on a piece of paper, but it was also the transferring of a heritage to pass on to our chidren and some day grandchildren. Yesterday, while watching Rachel Ray I learned what the word “oregano” means…”joy of the mountain”. SOOO, from now on I guess I’ll be “oregano” because this JOY finds great joy in these mountains.

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