Caffeinated Impressions…?

Not much new is happening here. John and I are still pondering and praying over the things he heard and took to heart at the Conference in PA. We’re still seeking what it is God really wants. I much prefer it when God speaks LOUD AND CLEAR…the soft voice and/or impressions of what we are to do with our lives are much harder to sift out. SOOO…we talk and we pray ‘cuz we can’t really plan on or for anything right now…except that God knows the way…how does that old camp song go…”My Lord knows the way through the wilderness…all I have to do is follow…”

We had hoped to go kayaking after church; however, it was windy, cloudy and only 65 degrees for the first day of July…geesh! So we went and browsed in a few antique shops in ME and came home, where John proceeded to collapse on the bed with the cat and I came to the computer to pay bills…what a thrill…

Lindsey has started a new blog…I love reading her writing – especially when she gets philosophical. You’ll have to check it out – she called it Caffeinated Impressions. She loves coffee, so the title fits. Today’s post is about leaving and also shares about a book…go check her out. Have a great evening!


2 thoughts on “Caffeinated Impressions…?

  1. Lindsey says:

    Look, a comment!

    I wasn’t trying to get philosophical… Just thinking about something that’s suddenly relevant. And perhaps it is for you too…the leaving and all.

  2. Kann says:

    I totally know what you mean about aout God talking out loud! We will continue to pray for you both! I am sorry we missed each other at the Stone Mansion. We got there just after you left!

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