Polar Caves and Playing…

I went with the 5th grade to the Polar Caves today. Now…I had in mind something like Linville Cavern in NC (guess I should have looked up the difference between a cavern and a cave…from the Blue Holes Foundation…the difference between a cave and cavern…no natural light in a cave and natural light in a cavern). The hiking was fine, but with an ankle with very little range of motion and two bad wrists (plus a camera around my neck), climbing in and out of caves with names like Devil’s Way, Lemon Squeeze, Needle’s Eye and Fatman’s Misery…well I was up and down slippery rocks using stairs, hands, feet and bohunkus!!! The kids had a blast! I’ll take Linville Caverns any day!!!

While browsing another blog I came across this website that lets you put music videos on your blog. Since this is the week John and I celebrated our 28th anniversary (see photos and post for 6/9), I decided to put up the song that is his ringtone. Obviously this song was not around when John proposed, but we both like the song and the video…enjoy!


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