Heard from my girls in NC…

Hilary called from Camp Dixie tonight and things are going well. It was good to hear from her. Lindsey called tonight – her TV quit so Mom and Dad had to give TV shopping advice ;o). She finally sent me the pictures Hilary took when she was with her this weekend. I had NO current photos of Lindsey. SO, here is a quickpage I did of Lindsey as a blonde finishing her first year of teaching Spanish at Unionville Elementary School. YOU GO GIRL!

ALP Country Delite Quickpage

Hilary and Lindsey also took a picture of themselves and I love it so much that I did a layout with it. I changed the photo color to look better with the quickpage.

ConnyB Sweet Day Quickpage

I love quickpages when I want to post a layout in a hurry! Have a great night!

One thought on “Heard from my girls in NC…

  1. ConnyB says:

    Beautiful LOs! Thank you very much for letting me know about the one with my QP. Excuse me that I didn´t make it earlier here – well, you know what´s going on with me these days 😉

    Hillary and Lindsey resemble each other very much! Lovely shot of them both 🙂
    Here in Germany today is a holiday, it´s the feast of Corpus Christi (I hope this is translated correct)
    I hope you´re having a wonderful day 🙂

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