Hilary is in NC and Katie and the Toast…

Hilary is finally in NC after having to rescheduled the flight due to weather and then the whole JFK airport scare. Ok, Moms, imagine that you know your child is in an airplane. You are driving home from the airport and your child calls and says,”Mom, I just wanted you to know I’m OK, the plane is OK and I’ll still get to Charlotte – in case you were watching the news…” I was not home yet and had no idea what she was talking about…no landing gear, clipped by another plane…what? She made her flight out of JFK OK , had supper with Lindsey and my sister, Melodie, saw Pirates 3. Spent the night in Lindsey’s new apartment and went to Elevation Church with Lindsey. Met 2 other kids to go to Camp Dixie for a week of training before she heads to Camp ACCOVAC for the summer.

John went to Becca Cedras’ graduation in Milford..CONGRATS BECCA! I went to hear Katie jam with International Toast at the Black Bear Cafe. She’s been doing backup vocals with them lately and will be going to a recording studio with them then end of June! Back to school tomorrow…Here’s a quickpage of Katie and the Toast!

Credits: ALPSunnyDays7 Quickpage

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