The WhaleLESS Watch…

Well, the whale watch was an experience… It was very foggy, consequently, with no horizon for the kids to view, we had about 10 of the 50 seasick. PLUS there was a bitterly, cold wind blowing. I was bundled up and shivering and wishing I had my winter coat! Once the fog lifted the kids felt better, thank goodness. Even though we saw NO WHALES the kids had a great time. We did see about 50 seals sunning on Duck Island. I got a picture of a few of them and did this layout for my friend ConnyB in Germany who loves to see the animals at the Zoo.

Credits: Little Fishes by Zazou
In other news it has been in the 90’s here!! Hilary received a scholarship from the Griswold Family Association for college this fall! YOU GO GIRL!!! We all have Monday off for Memorial Day – HOORAY! I did a good bit of cooking today – some peanut butter pies, lemonade pies and oatmeal raisin cookies. 4 pies and the cookies for friends. John and I delivered the cookies to my friend, Ali, and her finace Brett, who just moved into their new house and were painting away! Maybe SOMEDAY I’ll have my own house! That’s all for now – have a great weekend!

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