Rome update from Hilary…

I received 2 emails today from Hilary. In the first she shared her joy that it was not raining (like had been predicted). The second was very sad. She and Marie went to buy tickets to go to Florence this weekend. Evidently you have to get tickets through a machine. The machine gave Hilary reservations, but no tickets. The machine gave Marie tickets. When Hilary took the reservation to a real person to tell about the machine and get the tickets she had paid for she was told they couldn’t do that since she could only show them a reservation :0( – $65 down the drain. So, since Hilary couldn’t afford another ticket Marie went to sell hers back and they only gave her 20% of what she paid for the ticket!!! ARGH!!! The poor kids. Customer Service and being treated fairly may stink in the US at times, but this time Rome had the US beat! They were going to the Colloseum tonight. I hope the rest of her time there is WONDERFUL to make up for this expensive life lesson.

It has been cool and rainy here the past few days – I’m ready for at least 65 degrees! Have a great night!


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