God is good…

Today was a rough day with the kids at school – not sure if it’s the weather or what, but man were they off the wall! John and I provided pizza and drinks for those setting up for the Agape Ministries yard sale tomorrow at the church. When I ordered pizza there were about 20 people there…when I returned with 9 pizzas there were about 10! SO, when everyone had their fill I brought 2 complete pizzas home and left FOUR! I guess they plan on heating them for lunch tomorrow while the sale is going on. Miscommunication somewhere in that transaction…

The good news is that I heard again from Hilary. Her friend’s Dad felt so bad about what happened with their Florence tickets that he gave Marie money so that they could go to Florence next weekend. God is so good! Here’s a quote from her email…

Tonight, we are going to take pictures of the Pantheon and Berninis fountain of the 4 rivers in the Piazza Navona (all lit up). Tomorrow, we will be going back to the Colosseum, the Palatine Hills, the Pantheon, maybe the Borghese Gardens to take pictures of us there (it is some cultural week, so most of the museums are free!!).Last night, Rome won the Italian Cup, and Marie and I ended up being down at the Colosseum taking pictures of it lit up when people came down to celebrate it – it was amazing mom. I have video from it. I also bought myself a Rome soccer jersey today.

If you want a real chuckle, she is in Rome with her friend Marie and also Julie Andrews…not from “The Sound of Music”…but that is still her name. You can imagine the fun they have with that. Well, John is already asleep on the couch and Katie is working. I guess I’ll get some laundry done and then chill for a bit. Hope you’ve had a great Friday!

One thought on “God is good…

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