She’s Off and Kate and the Toast…

Well…Hilary is on a plane to Rome, Italy right now. She left me a voicemail that said the only things she had forgotten were hair elastics and her retainer (Lord, keep those teeth straight for two weeks). Considering all the running we did for forgotten things the past few days that was pretty good.

Katie sang at a Red Cross Benefit Sunday afternoon with her friends in the band International Toast. She was excited. International Toast won the Kingswoodstock Battle of the Bands back in April. They get to go to a recording studio in June and have asked Katie to go with them. She is really excited about that. No other real news today. Here are photos of Katie with the Toast. I call her a Toastee, her Dad calls her a Toastette!


2 thoughts on “She’s Off and Kate and the Toast…

  1. ConnyB says:

    Congrats to Katie for singing with this band! WOW, I sure believe that she is excited to do that 🙂
    Have a great day, Joy!

  2. Kann says:

    What a great opportunity for her! Does she know what she is doing next year? Or do I already know and just forgot???

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