Runnin’ the roads!

Well, after a lovely morning tea (in true English style) on Saturday with women from church, I headed to Quincy, MA to pick up Hilary. When I arrived she was not as packed as I had hoped; however, we started loading the car and Thule. Within 30 minutes I realized we had a serious problem. Each time she had come home she had brought back more things for storage in the room. We had all the things Lindsey had used, so that was no problem until we got ready to pack it up – it would not all fit!!! SO, since John had gone to CT to stay with his Mom while his Dad was in the hospital and since his Dad had come home from the hospital – I put out an SOS call!! He just laughed. He was an hour away. We still had his truck packed and were waiting for Hilary by the time A Capella finished singing at graduation. Whew! Hil and I stopped at the Walmart in Epping to try and find a few things she needed for Rome and for Summer Ministry in VA. We were not successful. SO, Sunday after church I took her to Conway – we came home with one thing and decided we’d have to try again when she returned from Italy. TODAY at 2 PM I get a frantic phone call at school, the power converted John had picked up did not work with a MAC! The only place to get one was the Apple Store in Salem, NH (2 hours away). SO, after school Hilary and I headed to the Apple Store. We got what she needed and looked there for a dress for her. She was not successful, but I found 3 pair of capris and a shirt on sale at Penney’s – it at least made the trip worthwhile for me ;0).

We are now home and Hilary is finishing her packing for 2 weeks in Rome, Italy! She’ll take the bus to Logan Airport in the morning and meet the group from school there. I have seen her the few days she has been home; however, must of it has been in the car… Hope you’ve had a good day – it was sunny here today.


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