Toby Vs. Mom…

Before I tell the story…I’ll ask for prayer for my father-in-law who is in the hospital with pneumonia – or at least that’s what the doctors think, they aren’t 100% sure. Anyway, John is on his way down to stay the night with his Mom and see his Dad and return tomorrow and somewhere in there finish his sermon for Sunday. Now on to the story…

My Mom got a new dog last Friday. He is a border collie mix named Toby. We think he was abused before Mom got him because he is very timid around people. Toby is a beautiful dog and he is very intelligent. So far he has managed to back out of one dog halter, chew up one choke collar and escape from my Mom many times. I have changed his name to Houdini. He follows her around the yard when she is outside. He has moved from hiding in the bathroom to sleeping in the office/spare room; however, he stayed out all last night because he won’t come when called.

Mom has been able to trick him a few times, but right now she is trying to figure out how to get him in the house tonight. I’d love to have a video camera placed outside the house to see all the things she has already tried – and will still need to try – to get him in. In honor of Houdini, I present the following layout…may I introduce you to Toby…

The quote by Roger Caras says:
“Dogs are not are whole lives,
they make our lives whole.”
Credits: Felty Quickpage by Calico Designs

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