The baby tooth…

School is back in full swing. Yesterday the kids were wired – today was better. I saw the dentist this afternoon. The broken tooth was one of my 4 baby teeth! Yes, that is right – I am almost 50 years old and still have 4 baby teeth. He decided to try and bond to it and “make” a tooth with filling. He then told me it would eventually fall out and I’d need an implant. After a discussion about the fact that Katie needs TWO implants for no teeth due to congenital defect and John needs one implant – the idea of FOUR implants for our family did not go over well. ESPECIALLY at the cost of $2200 – $2600 per tooth! I have decided John and I will become toothless in our old age and Kate will have to wear a retainer until she dies OR until I die in which case she can take any money left in my estate and pay for her implants. LOL

My friend, KAnn, has tagged me so here are 7 random facts about me. The people I tag must list their 7 facts and tag 7 other people…Here we go:

1) I love to digiscrap – although finding time to do it is another issue
2) I have made some fine friends through the cyberworld of digiscrapping (if I spent less time reading and commenting on their blogs I’d probably get more scrapping done…)
3)I love my job working with special needs kids in an elementary school
4) I will be an empty-nester at the end of August
5) My wonderful husband and I will have been married 28 years in June
6)I like to cook and read cookbooks
7)I like reading Jan Karon, Andy Andrews and Charles Martin books

I’m tagging, Jean, Marcia, Laura, Janet, Erin, Susan, Jan

Have a great night!

3 thoughts on “The baby tooth…

  1. Hummie says:

    Oh my! I never heard of such a thing as being older with baby teeth! And that IS expensive! We are still paying on three sets of braces ourselves.

    I agree, if I would not spend so much time commenting on blogs, I would get more scrapping done! However, doesn’t it feel good to make new friends and feel like others care about what you write?

    Kudos for today!

  2. glynis says:

    Hey, Joy! I was just thinking about you and then I just saw your name at DragonflaireStudios–I’m handling the Faith Forum over there. I’ll be doing some faithbooking challenges and maybe some scripture memory stuff..come on over and hang out!

  3. ConnyB says:

    OMG, Joy! Isn´t that expensive what you have to pay for tooth? Here in Germany it´s the same, one can´t afford such things if you didn´t won in a lottery 😉
    That is so amazing that you still have baby tooth *g*

    Great list of your random facts 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!

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