Please Pray…

I learned tragic news yesterday afternoon. Two friends were killed in a car accident in North Carolina and 5 other family members are in serious condition. Please pray for the family of Wendell DuBois from NC who was killed. Also the family of Tammy DuBois from ME who was killed. Tammy’s husband is Wendell’s nephew; they were visiting from Maine. Wendell’s wife, Janet; sister, Gloria and cousin, Virgene were seriously injured. Tammy’s husband, Phil is in serious condition and their 13 year old son, Jamie, is on a ventilator and in critical condition.

I was in shock all evening, as I am sure their families and other friends are. I do not understand why God allows tragedy to enter our lives, nor will I try to. I DO know GOD is a loving Father and His heart breaks for those who love these families. I am standing on the promise that I will see Wendell and Tammy again because they loved Jesus with all their hearts.

Thank you for your prayers for these precious families.


2 thoughts on “Please Pray…

  1. Hummie says:

    Oh, so sad! I have a practice. I NEVER as God why. Try asking God “what are you trying to teach me through this?” ….it builds your faith better.

  2. jill says:

    Joy, I dropped by to leave a ‘thank you’ for your comments on my blog and am so sorry to hear of your friends. I remember Lisa Beamer saying that Jesus was Lord when Todd was making airline reservations on 9/10 and He was still Lord on 9/11. The Lord’s comfort is your inheritance.

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