Hilary and Andrew came home for the weekend. It was good to see them. They went to a movie while John and I went to Concord for the All State Music Festival on Saturday. It was WONDERFUL! The director was from Southern Methodist University. One half of the songs were religious in nature. The downside was that they were so crowded on the stage that we couldn’t see Katie AT ALL! We knew where she was, but couldn’t see her. The perfectionist in me saw the typo in the program…there was a song called “Savory, Sage, Rosemary and TIME!” Evidently no one proofed it or whoever proofed it doesn’t know that a) thyme is an herb (like savory, sage and rosemary…) or b) they knew it but didn’t know how it was spelled. Too many people rely on spellcheck and don’t proof things anymore. Anyway…the concert was great.

Church was fine…it’s a struggle some days…I really have to check my attitude because I can be very easily discouraged by what is going on (or I guess I should say the lack thereof…). I’m trying so hard to stay positive for John, but today it was not easy. My biggest question right now…”God…what in the world are you doing and what are we supposed to do?” That’s been my question for quite awhile and I get no response…it is frustrating. I long to be part of something so dynamic that I can’t wait to dig in and help – my enthusiasm here is gone. I need to be somewhere where I feel apart of something alive and moving. Right now I just feel alone.

Enough introspection. Hilary and Andrew left in rain, which turned to snow, but they made it back to Quincy OK. It started snowing around noon and it is a heavy snow. We are supposed to get 7-10-15 inches before it ends early afternoon tomorrow. Katie and I are figuring on a snow day. It doesn’t change her graduation, but it changes my last day of school. Oh well, I could use an extra day…as long as the power stays on this time.

Laundry and a nap are calling. Lindsey will be calling too…she is going to check out some furniture for her new apartment. Hooray for Lindsey! Blessings and stay warm wherever you are!


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