It started snowing at 9:45 AM and hasn’t stopped yet! We got out of school early. So far we have 8+ inches! It is STILL snowing! We haven’t lost power this time though. I took a quick trip out to refill the bird feeders and snapped a few shots. I can’t believe it is April and we are getting this much snow. Katie was supposed to be at the NH All State Music Festival tonight through the concert on Saturday night. They can’t leave until the AM now. Oh well…at least they should have better roads to travel on – it’s about an hour from the school to Concord.

Here are the photos I took…it looks pretty (if it were JANUARY!!!).

Click on the next two photos and they’ll enlarge so you can see the birdies…

Bird enjoying one of the feeders

John says this is my “Mary Poppins” picture (through kitchen window).
You know…”Feed the birds; t’pence a bag…

One thought on “EWWWWW!!!

  1. ConnyB says:

    WOW! I can´t believe it, Joy!
    Here it is like the middle of summer. Yesterday we had about 40 Grad Celsius in the sun (should be about 100 F!) and you show snow pictures… Isn´t that strange? LOL
    However, I hope you´ll get rid of it soon!

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