One Voice "Alive Forever" Hits YOUTUBE!!!

Last night, after we got home from the final “Alive Forever” One Voice performance, Hilary took some of the photos I had and the video clips she made and created a mini-DVD. The background music is “Sometimes Love” by Chris Rice. She does have the sound clip of Jesus on the cross and part of “He’s Alive” at the end. Considering she only had bits and pieces of things to work with it came out pretty good. We showed it at church this morning.

If there is no picture in the “YouTube” screen – click play and it will play anyway. Enjoy and Praise God HE’S ALIVE!

Photos we took will be up on Photobucket once the website decides to let me in…

One thought on “One Voice "Alive Forever" Hits YOUTUBE!!!

  1. Kann says:

    Thank you Joy and Hilary! I shared it with the One Voice Email group and I am putting it on my blog too if that is okay with you!

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