April Snow…

Can you believe it started snowing here around 5 AM and is still snowing!! It’s a heavy, wet snow so the accumulation is compacted. The weatherman just said the heaviest snow would be from midnight until 7-8AM! SOOOO, I’m sure I’ll have at least a 2 hour delay in the AM; maybe a snow day. With all that HASN’T gotten done this week due to One Voice rehearsals I could use the time at home. John folks surprised (and I do mean surprised) us and are in a hotel in Conway. The wanted us to come up for supper tonight. We went out in the snow. It was good to see them, but it sure changed my cooking/cleaning plans for the evening. God is good…I am providing supper for the set crew tomorrow night and needed to get some baking done. I got it done and got the pork I had been cooking all day pulled and ready for BBQ sandwiches!!! Now I can go to bed less stressed. The house is still a wreck, but that is what Kate and Hilary are for – right? LOL

In other news, Lindsey is moving into her first apartment in the next few days. It’s a long story as to how God worked it out; let’s just say she paid $90.50 for her April rent! Too bad it can’t be that low every month! I’m happy with where she’ll be. Her small group from church meets there, she has fellow teachers and friends there. God is good and looks out for our children when they are all grown-up and have moved away. He is the best FATHER!

Hilary comes home tomorrow….hooray! To bed I go – night!

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