Whirlwind of a few days…

After the craziness of the past few days, I have come to a profound revelation..It’s not easy being a Mom and it really doesn’t get easier as the kids get older. That’s profound – I know :0). Let me explain…

Katie and I left the Manchester airport Wednesday at 7 PM headed from Philadelphia and a 1 PM Thursday Music Scholarship Audition at Eastern University. We were to return to Manchester by 7:30 PM Thursday. The trip down was fine; the car rental company put me in a purple/blue sports car and we found our hotel with no problems. Thursday morning we did the natural thing and headed to the HUGE King of Prussia Mall lurking outside our hotel window. This place is so big you have to have a road map to find your way around. Even with the map we struggled to get to the few places we wanted to find. After hitting a wonderful shoe sale and browsing a few other places we grabbed lunch at my all time favorite fast food that you can’t find in New Hampshire – CHICK-FIL-A!! YUM!!! We headed to Eastern and a practice room for Katie. When it came time for the audition they asked me to stay. I was very impressed with Dr. Matthews and Teresa – the godly spirit and love I saw in them assured me that Katie had made the right choice for college. The next hour was torture for me. Katie did fine, but it was stressful…played 2 piano pieces, sang 2 vocal pieces, sight reading for piano and voice, music theory questions, ear training exercises, etc. etc. etc. Katie is the only child who has ever had to audition for a scholarship. I was amazed at how she kept her cool. I felt overwhelmed. We left the audition, got in the car -after fitting all the shoes we had bought in one suitcase ;0)- and headed to our favorite bakery to pick up Apple Pie Bread to take home. In the car Katie broke down – feeling very disappointed in how the audition had gone. Any reassurance from me was met with “you’re my Mom, you’re supposed to say that…” I gave her space while I checked out the Christian bookstore. By the time we headed for the airport she was doing better. All in all the audition did go well…we’ll know in about 2 weeks if there is any scholarship money available for her.

Hard being a Mom Part 2…While in the LONG security line at the airport my oldest daugter, Lindsey, called. She had been to the doctor for a follow-up on some blood test results that appeared abnormal. More tests have been taken. As of right now they are telling her it is either a flukey result, since she was sick when she came in the first time, or it could be multiple myeloma…the Mom heart was heavy again. It’ll be the end of next week before we know anything for certain. God is so good – He has given her peace and I have trusted her into His loving hands again (and again…and again). Prayer works wonders.

As I was flying home last night (the plane was late – I crawled in bed at 12:30 AM today) I was reminded of a layout I had seen be Thao Cosgrove (a wonderful digital artist). It was about her future and quoted Jeremiah. Her journaling shared about needing to look not at her current circumstances, but at the promises of God. (View the layout here). I felt like it was God’s way of saying that He has great plans in store for all three of my girls: Lindsey, Hilary and Katie. Their future is secure. Such a great God we have.


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