Sunny Day…

After the horribly cold weather we’ve had it was nice to see the sun today. I had a One Voice meeting this morning. Lake Winnipesaukee was covered with bob houses and fishermen. Ice fishing…can’t understand the thrill of sitting in a little house on a frozen lake with some fishing line in a little hole…Oh well. The meeting went well. John now has the distinction of being the “Other Disciple” (affectionately termed “OD”) on the Emmaus Road scene. John worked until about 5 PM today. We actually sat down and had a hot meal together. Miracle of miracles. Of course he laid down on the couch and that was it – he’s down for the night. Katie is at the Winter Carnival dance, so I took advantage of the computer and created one layout and printed several previously completed. So… now I’m doing the stay awake until your daughter gets home thing. There is really no journaling on this layout except for a few small words on the pictures of me and John. They say “Grandpa Roland Look Part 1 and Grandpa Roland Look Part 2”. My Dad would always look over the top of his glasses at you (especially if you were being silly). The girls caught on to that at an early age and gave the look a name. It’s amazing how you can give that look without glasses on.

Credits: Christmas Whimsy by Keri Scheuller at Scrapgirls – template by someone else – can’t find the designer name


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