An Amazing God…

An interesting thing happened at church today. I was sharing in church about God’s sense of humor and how HE grows us (and our kids) into what HE wants them to be where HE wants them to be. Our oldest daughter, Lindsey, is a Spanish Teacher at an Elementary School in NC. She belongs to an AMAZING church – they grew from 90 to over 1300 in one year. You can check them out here . Her small group worked with Habitat for Humanity yesterday. The humor in it to me is that Lindsey is basically bones with skin stretched over them (love ya Linds, but you know it is true) and she was hanging and nailing drywall yesterday! You Go Girl!!! I am so proud of her, and I’d love to have been there with my camera ;0).

Anyway, here’s the REAL God thing…A couple from MA have a home near us. They come to church when they are in NH. There were there today and heard me talking about Lindsey and all she had done yesterday. Rita came and told me her daughter had recently moved to NC. I asked where and she said “Monroe”. MONROE!!! Lindsey teaches in Monroe! Rita has wanted to see her daughter involved in church again (and her grandchildren). I gave her the church name and web address. The God thing – if I hadn’t mentioned Lindsey, Rita wouldn’t have had a church name to give to her daughter. That is a God-incidence. It will be interesting to hear what Lindsey has to say about church today. The Pastor started a new series called “Bringing Sexy Back“. He sends out v-mails each week – this week he has in a leisure suit and playing disco music. The church is amazing. I hope Rita’s daughter will at least check them out.


One thought on “An Amazing God…

  1. Kathie says:

    I love God-incidences and have a blog about them. There is also a book published about God-incidences!

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