Lots of snow and "play" time…

Well, I got a snow day today; actually John did too – they didn’t want the drivers out when we are getting 30″ of snow! The down side is he’ll have to work on Saturday. For the first time ever I have stayed in my pjs and robe. It’s been kinda nice, but also seems strange. I spent last night trying to interpret (and I do mean interpret) html so that I could change my header or at least attempt to do that. I designed 2 different things, but really like the tunnel the best. Then I tried to make my html match another site – it did not work. I finally just tried to copy the html to a block on my layout and it magically appeared. It is not as long as I wish it was or really anything fancy, but I tried and discovered I can do it. So, maybe I’ll take the 3 night html course at the High School in May. It says it is for beginners and that is certainly me.

I made monkey bread this morning and after eating some discovered I can not eat as much sweet stuff as I used to. Katie and John had no problems, so the pan is almost empty. I spent part of the morning doing Hilary’s FAFSA. It is amazing all you have to fill in to be eligible to receive student aid. I’ll be doing Katie’s later today.

I know I went on a rant the last post. I received an email today that reminded me that God is in control and that there are passionate Christian people out there. He has placed His heart in many and I am grateful for that. I am glad HE is in control not me. I have to put aside my irritation and focus on HIM and get back to JOY in my journey. Thanks cyberfriend, you don’t even know what you did.

I’m heading back to enjoying my snow day. Maybe I’ll snowshoe and get some pictures tomorrow.


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