Rant and Fun…

First, the rant: I really do not like when Christian people use and manipulate others to get what they want. I detest games…especially when it affects so many people. I long to be part of a church where people are truly loving and their ultimate desire is to serve the King of Kings and share their love with those around them who don’t know the wonderful love of Jesus.

I spent Friday doing taxes. How is it when I still have 2 dd’s totally dependent on me the IRS can decide they are no longer a deduction at ages 17 and 19! It bugs me that once a kid turns 17 you lose the tax credit. SOOOO, consequently I owe Uncle Sam the cost of one 17 year old. Do you think the IRS would take her in trade?(JK!!!)

Katie has felt great the past few days. She has not complained about being tired. HOORAY! I took her and Chelsi to the Deb Shop (a teenage girls clothing paradise) on Saturday. They found cute dresses for the semi-formal on 2/17. John is struggling with a) his “baby” all dressed up and b) the current trend of “lingerie” fashion (as he called it). I finally found a photo travel mug at Starbucks. Yeah! I spent yesterday making a template and playing with it. The photos below are my final creation. I am so pleased with it and my mug is uniquely mine.

Credits: Papers and elements “Your Love is Like Chocolate” amsdigiscrap.com and one quick page by Heather Ann Designs.

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