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Sad Day…

We had ice and snow this AM, so there was a 2 hour delay for school…I must say I enjoyed that. The kids were supposed to start the winter sports program (skiing, snowshoeing, skating) today, but it poured rain. That will be put off two weeks because of the holiday next Monday. One of the teachers I work with had not been back to school since the Christmas break. Last week I assumed she was sick, but when I asked on Friday the secretary said no. I found out this afternoon that she is not coming back to school. I get the sense that it may not have been her choice. I don’t quite understand that; she has been at this school at least 10 years. What about all the kids that will never get to tell her good-bye? What about me – I didn’t get to say goodbye… I want to send a card; guess all I can say is “I miss you”. I don’t understand school politics sometimes.

I made a Red Velvet Pound Cake last night, so think I’ll go have a piece with some milk and read for a bit. Enough rambling for today…


Not what I had planned…

Well, yesterday was not at all what I had planned. I woke up about 3:30 AM with the onset of a migraine. Took some meds and went back to bed with a heated rice pack on my forehead and another one around the back of my neck. Took some more meds at 7 AM – this time the RX with codeine; 2 rice packs and one ICE pack on the top of my head. My dh tried so hard not to laugh; I was just glad he does not have the “need” to document in photos all of the events of our lives like I do. Most of the day was spent doing a few small chores and resting. I could edit photos on the computer without moving my head too much, so got many edited. It was almost 70 degrees here in the White Mountains or New Hampshire…a winter playground??(not). I feel really bad for the ski resorts and all businesses that rely on tourism. We may get a little snow tonight into the AM Monday, but right now the ground is bare and it is 55 degrees.

I felt better today and did play the keyboard at church. I could tell I was still somewhat under the influence of the meds of the previous day though; even one man at church said he noticed I looked a little groggy as I staggered back to my pew. Didn’t realize I had staggered…Thankfully the kids were watching a video in Sunday School…I would loved to have taken a nap by that time. We had a wonderful lunch of Country Style Steak, rice, gravy, salad and rolls. That meal is comfort food to me; reminds me of my Mom. John now has the headache, but is managing to stay awake long enough to cheer on the Patriots. Just heard from my favorite SIL – the BIL has been in the hospital with kidney stones and was to have surgery this AM. 20 minutes before surgery he passed the stone, so is on his way home from the hospital (listening to the Pats on the radio…). So glad he didn’t have to have surgery.

Well, I should go finish some laundry, leftover from yesterday. Hope y’all are having a great Sunday.


I didn’t get around to responding to the DSP blog prompt yesterday, but I think I will for today. My family will tell you I am a snorer. I tell them it is all my sinus issues. I am a back and side sleeper. I drive my husband crazy because sometimes I sleep on my back with my right arm over my eyes; he says his rotator cuff would be permanently damaged. It is an unusual way to sleep, however; I need it dark to rest well. I started sleeping that way in college when my first roommate turned out to be a night owl and her desk light became a flood light in my face. Anyway, most nights I sleep well – my husband might say too well.

I just got off the phone with my web design savvy daughter – knew sending her to college for that would come in handy someday ;o). She has given me suggestions of how to fix part of my template design issues. We’ll see. I’m off to try. Enjoy your Friday and rest well.

HOORAY! It seems to have worked!


Today was a LONG day. After school I went to supper with a few ladies from work and then we headed to a union contract negotiations meeting – my first. Actually it was a report on our contract negotiations. THANKFULLY, we didn’t lose anything and gained a few things. When the dd finished the first part of her homework I got online hoping to add the photo collage of me to the blog. I printed out how to add the photo and do a number of other things from the HELP desk; however, my template never gives some of the options the help desk says are there. I have no place to add the url for my photo or anything. So…I am frustrated.

If there is anyone out there reading this that wants to help someone who needs the user friendly version of this site (don’t know html – need drop and drag and step by step) PLEASE let me know.

Time for Grey’s Anatomy and the dd needs the computer again. Maybe tomorrow my brain won’t be so fried and I can figure this out.


After 10 days off for school vacation it was back to it today. I enjoy that time off, but love working with these kids. Since blogging is new to me I decided to check the blog prompt at DSP. I spent the drive time thinking about what I collect. When I was in my early teens I collected penants – not pendants – but penants, those things that look like flags. I guess my Dad got me started on that. He did a lot of traveling back then and the penant was easy to pack in his suitcase. I had them hung all around my room. When I went to college my Mom took them down; she gave them to me many years ago, but I think I gave them away. Too bad, they are probably worth something now. I collected cookie cutters when the girls were little because we used to make sugar cookies all the time. The problem became where to store them and since they only came as metal back then most of them have rusted. I seem to be trying to get rid of instead of collecting things these days. I wondered if there was anything I was collecting(other than maybe dust). When I walked into the house tonight it hit me! I have my small moose collection in the living room and I have so many snowmen that we couldn’t even put them all out at Christmas. I started collecting snowmen and moose when we lived in Northern Maine. Since we had moved there from NC both were a novelty to me; especially when the moose seemed to like the smell of clean clothes hanging on the line in my yard. We spent 8 years in Maine and MANY people gave me snowmen and moose as gifts. Right now it is down to just receiving snowmen from friends and family. I think my husband will shoot me if I come home with anymore snowmen. I did very well when I went to the Christmas Tree Shop in November; I didn’t come home any new visitors. My favorite two snowmen are the snowman nativity that a friend gave me a few years ago and a beautiful glass window that was painted and turned into an adorable hot pink and lime green snowwoman. She greets you on the wall when you walk into our home during the winter. It has been so warm here so far this winter she may be the only snowman I see.

It is interesting to see how our likes/dislikes change over the years. Who knows what I’ll be collecting or getting rid of 10 years from now. One thing is sure; I’ll still have my dust collection.

Happy Collecting!

I Finally Did it!

Well, my girls have had all kinds of blogs and I enjoy reading them. I also like getting to know the digiscrappers I have come in contact with. I have considered my own blog for almost a year, but wasn’t sure anyone would care to read what was going on in my life. THEN it hit me, what better way to develop my storytelling for my scrapbook pages than to write about my life. SO…here I am in cyberspace in 2007. The funny thing is as I am typing I remember as a child pretending that I was some famous person and that television cameras were recording my life…I guess this is my attempt at recording my life.

I am SO blessed to have a wonderful husband and 3 gorgeous daughters. They will probably all regret my entrance into the blogger world, but oh well…they’ll get over it.

Anyway, Happy New Year and God’s blessings on any who may read this.