Nothing unusual…

There was really nothing special or unusual about the past few days. The upper grades started their winter sports program yesterday; so Mondays are different since they are gone from about 11:30 til the end of the day. I get to stay with the kids who don’t do winter sports. I was really proud of a few of my kids who made it to the top of the rock wall. Next week they’ll try another section of it. Me…not so sure I’m ready to try – I have such bad wrists I don’t think I could do the power pulls at the top.

The girls are all doing well. Lindsey really likes her job in NC. The mechanics are still trying to find the root cause of her “check engine” light issue, but the car is running so that is good. Hilary is back at ENC after J Term break. I haven’t talked to her, but I’m willing to bet she is anxious and will be pacing the floor in a few hours. Andrew has been gone since 12/29 to New Zealand and Hawaii (rough life) for his biology course. He comes back around 7 PM tonight. Below is a photo she edited of them – I guess that says it all…

I’ve decided to see what I can do to help One Voice with their Easter performance. It will be the first and probably only time Kate, John and I will have done something like this together. Katie finally seems to have her strength back after her spell with pneumonia and bronchitis in Nov-Dec. She just started 2nd semester of her Senior year – hard to believe. She’s working tonight and John is working late, so I get the computer a bit more tonight. I’d like to do some digiscrapping, but I really need to make a grocery list. Oh how life gets in the way of fun. LOL


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