Interesting days…

The past few days have been interesting…I am SO glad God is in control of everything. I had been feeling lonely and disconnected and God provided an answer. I checked an old email address and, along with all the spam, there was an email from a cyberfriend from a scrapbook site I belonged to 2 years ago! She wanted to send me some things for our School’s Out program to use and asked if I’d like to join the scrapping site where many of my old cyberbuddies were. I was surprised and delighted to hear from her. I did join the group and remembered many of the people there. It is a nice “family” to be a part of.

My daughter is dealing with some stuff that isn’t fun, but is teenage junk. Some old “friends” are making life difficult. I’ve prayed a hedge of thorns around her and know God will take care of her.

On positive note, John has decided to try and do the Easter musical with One Voice. I am glad; he needs connections with other guy friends. I’m not sure if Kate will do it or not. I don’t feel I can, I’m the official family photographer so need to be able to be out front. I guess I could offer to help with something; we’ll see. John is on call this week and so far he has not had to go out…I’m glad, he needed a low stress weekend. I spent the day cleaning out closets and a few dressers. Whew! I did manage to get some oatmeal raisin cookies made – John was grateful.

As I reread what I’ve written I am just reminded of God’s peace that passes all understanding. HE is SO good!


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