Nice Day…

Well, I figured we’d have a 2 hour delay because the snow turned to freezing rain last night…I was right. The dd was grateful;it meant she didn’t have to get up at 5:30AM for school. I goofed off around the house – should have been more productive. Oh well…

I love my job as a paraeducator for special needs kids. Praise comes too little and far between where I work, but I got some nice compliments from the head of the Special Ed. Dept. today. That made me feel really good. I am amazed by administrators in schools. We talk about how important praise is for kids and we go out of our way to give them more praise than admonishment. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why that doesn’t carry over to adults. The line I have gotten is basically “you know you are vital and we couldn’t do this without all of you (staff),but we don’t have time to coddle and stroke…” I understand, but hearing words makes SUCH a difference. As I thought about the “strokes” I had gotten today (that were unsolicited and out of the blue) I began thinking about God. I so often take Him for granted; He doesn’t NEED anything from me, but I know He longs to hear my praises and “strokes”. If anyone deserves nonstop strokes it is the Lord – He has done EVERYTHING right and always looks out for me and my family. SO…YOU ARE AWESOME GOD – THANK YOU!!!

I finished a layout about our Christmas Eve cooking – Katie put on quite a show tossing sausage balls to the cookie sheet. I got it all on video. It’s my favorite Aunt Mary’s recipe; if she were still alive she would have been cackling watching Kate. I have so much to catch up on digiscrapping, but I am getting there and it brings me such joy to learn things and to preserve our family’s story for my girls.
Hope you are warm where you are – it will be below zero here tonight…BRRRRRR!


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