Learning something new…

Well… today has been snow and freezing rain, JT was even sent home from work around 11 AM. I spent a few hours playing at digiscrapping. I had a layout idea in my head for our Thanksgiving this year (no photos of the day), so wanted to try and put it on paper. It took longer than I thought it would and it is not spectacular as some of the graphic designers could do, BUT I tried some things and learned some things and even made my first template…so I am proud of it. JT read the journaling and said “It sounds so depressing…” I reminded him that it was…he chuckled and said “you’re right – it was in some ways”. I’ve posted the LO below.

It’s still snowing/sleeting. JT has already been called from work and told not to come in too early because the roads will be nasty. That probably means a school delay for me or even a snow day…I’ll take either. I’m boiling a corned beef right now; it always takes longer than it says, so who knows when we will eat supper. I wish my Mom was here, she likes corned beef. Katie has not asked for the computer much today, so maybe I’ll get some Christmas or One Voice layouts done. Oh how I’d love about a week at home alone with no responsibilities – I’d digiscrap away and really make some progress. Dream on…Well, need to get back to reality.


2 thoughts on “Learning something new…

  1. Kann says:

    Joy I love the layout! It’s great! I do some digital scrapping but I sell Creative Memories so most of mine is on paper! I would love to see your phoos from One Voice some day! I hope you enjoy your snow days!

  2. Lisa says:

    This is wonderful! I’m scraplifting it for sure. What a nice layout.

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