The Darling Daughter…

I’ve been a bit concerned about my daughter today – not anxious or worried – just motherly concern. She has not been feeling well since last Friday. She is in J Term at college. She called this AM to say she had fainted and hit her head on something in her room. When I talked to her she was calm and went to class, but she called her Dad later and said the school wanted her to be checked out at the ER since she has a bad headache. A friend of hers just called me and said they have done blood work and were taking her for a CAT scan. I am about 2-1/2 hours away. If I thought it was life threatening I would drive down in a heartbeat. Right now I just want to know what is going on with her. I am SO glad that God is always there – even when I can’t be.

Daughter update…after 6-1/2 hours in the ER and many tests they determined UTI and low blood sugar. They gave her an RX and she stopped and got OJ and some other things to have in her room for breakfast. Gee…that would be the things Mom has been telling her to do for 2 years…maybe it’ll stick this time (at least for a little while). Anyway, I’m glad it was nothing serious and that she will be fine.

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