Sad Day…

We had ice and snow this AM, so there was a 2 hour delay for school…I must say I enjoyed that. The kids were supposed to start the winter sports program (skiing, snowshoeing, skating) today, but it poured rain. That will be put off two weeks because of the holiday next Monday. One of the teachers I work with had not been back to school since the Christmas break. Last week I assumed she was sick, but when I asked on Friday the secretary said no. I found out this afternoon that she is not coming back to school. I get the sense that it may not have been her choice. I don’t quite understand that; she has been at this school at least 10 years. What about all the kids that will never get to tell her good-bye? What about me – I didn’t get to say goodbye… I want to send a card; guess all I can say is “I miss you”. I don’t understand school politics sometimes.

I made a Red Velvet Pound Cake last night, so think I’ll go have a piece with some milk and read for a bit. Enough rambling for today…


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