Am I Late…and another sad day…

I checked the DSP prompt this AM…am I late or on time and do I get irritated when others are late…

I am usually on time or early (I noticed being “early” was not one of the choices – does that say something about out society?). I used to get irritated when people were late, but have gotten more flexible as I’ve “aged”. I have a friend who was a missionary to the Philippines for almost 40 years. When my dh went there to teach for 2 weeks she explained that 2 hours late is “on time: for Filipinos – that way he’d be prepared for their being “on time”. One of this woman’s sisters is a dear friend and she is ALWAYS late. The joke became that Martha was always on Filipino time (LOL).

I found out another friend is leaving the school where I work; not under favorable conditions. It makes me wonder what is going on. I have to remember God is in control, even when I don’t like what I see happening around me.


3 thoughts on “Am I Late…and another sad day…

  1. Laura says:

    oh man 2 hours late I’d flip my lid if someone arrived two hours late. Glad they are not my friends. He! He!

  2. Totally RawKin Designs says:

    I know this is off color but goes in conjunction with the Filipino time joke. In Black culture someone who is often late is typically referred to as being on CPT (colored peoples time!)

  3. carinc says:

    Perhaps our society is too jammed with things to do and moves too quickly, hence the need for punctuality. Maybe we could learn something from the Filipinos.
    And in our house the joke is “contractor time” as my husband is a contractor and always late.

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