Today was a LONG day. After school I went to supper with a few ladies from work and then we headed to a union contract negotiations meeting – my first. Actually it was a report on our contract negotiations. THANKFULLY, we didn’t lose anything and gained a few things. When the dd finished the first part of her homework I got online hoping to add the photo collage of me to the blog. I printed out how to add the photo and do a number of other things from the HELP desk; however, my template never gives some of the options the help desk says are there. I have no place to add the url for my photo or anything. So…I am frustrated.

If there is anyone out there reading this that wants to help someone who needs the user friendly version of this site (don’t know html – need drop and drag and step by step) PLEASE let me know.

Time for Grey’s Anatomy and the dd needs the computer again. Maybe tomorrow my brain won’t be so fried and I can figure this out.


One thought on “Frustrated…

  1. Lisa says:

    Got your email from my blog. I would love to help any newbie.

    I would recommend the “blogger beta” for any newbie… it’s much easier to work around.

    Honestly, if you would like to learn more about digiscrappin… join our yahoo group….
    Once you join… put in a post that say’s…lisa sent me… and I’ll help you more from there….just don’t want to put my direct email on the web.
    I would HIGHLY recommend what we call a “smile group”…. it’s a smaller group of scrappers (less than 10) and is a “subgroup” of the larger one.

    DSS Team Blog

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