Daily Archives: January 4, 2007


After 10 days off for school vacation it was back to it today. I enjoy that time off, but love working with these kids. Since blogging is new to me I decided to check the blog prompt at DSP. I spent the drive time thinking about what I collect. When I was in my early teens I collected penants – not pendants – but penants, those things that look like flags. I guess my Dad got me started on that. He did a lot of traveling back then and the penant was easy to pack in his suitcase. I had them hung all around my room. When I went to college my Mom took them down; she gave them to me many years ago, but I think I gave them away. Too bad, they are probably worth something now. I collected cookie cutters when the girls were little because we used to make sugar cookies all the time. The problem became where to store them and since they only came as metal back then most of them have rusted. I seem to be trying to get rid of instead of collecting things these days. I wondered if there was anything I was collecting(other than maybe dust). When I walked into the house tonight it hit me! I have my small moose collection in the living room and I have so many snowmen that we couldn’t even put them all out at Christmas. I started collecting snowmen and moose when we lived in Northern Maine. Since we had moved there from NC both were a novelty to me; especially when the moose seemed to like the smell of clean clothes hanging on the line in my yard. We spent 8 years in Maine and MANY people gave me snowmen and moose as gifts. Right now it is down to just receiving snowmen from friends and family. I think my husband will shoot me if I come home with anymore snowmen. I did very well when I went to the Christmas Tree Shop in November; I didn’t come home any new visitors. My favorite two snowmen are the snowman nativity that a friend gave me a few years ago and a beautiful glass window that was painted and turned into an adorable hot pink and lime green snowwoman. She greets you on the wall when you walk into our home during the winter. It has been so warm here so far this winter she may be the only snowman I see.

It is interesting to see how our likes/dislikes change over the years. Who knows what I’ll be collecting or getting rid of 10 years from now. One thing is sure; I’ll still have my dust collection.

Happy Collecting!